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Azalea is a true luxury cruise experience that allows you to discover the beauty of Ha Long Bay in fantastic levels of comfort. Relax on the sundeck, taking in the break-taking surroundings in hidden away Lan Ha Bay, away from the main tourist boats, and enjoy one of the most stunning World Heritage sites on the planet in one of 20 fantastic, spacious cabins.

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The boats are all modern and offer a 5 star hotel standard. The food was great and all the staff was really nice and friendly. The package includes all the food (of which there is a lot) and many activities. Unfortunately, the Halong bay karst landscape does suffer from water polution. There is a lot of plastic and other rubbish in the water, depending on where you go within the bay. Azalea cruise does take you to rather remote places and they make sure to leave no trace behind. There are a lot of low priced tour operators that don‘t take the polution issue that serious. For the sake of the environment, make sure that the choice of your tour operator does take care of their wastage.

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