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Paradise Privilege Cruise has been a travelers’ favorite since its launch back in December of 2010.
The Princess Junk is Halong Bay’s number one option for couples looking to have an unforgettable touring experience.

Bhaya Legend

The Bhaya Legend 1 was built to give its guests an entirely unique and exclusive touring experience of Halong Bay. Combining the beauty of the ancient orient with modern amenities, luxuries and conveniences, guests will simply love their experience on board the Bhaya Legend 1. What separates the Bhaya Legend 1 from all the rest? Personalized service for each guest, limited capacity per cabin (2 adults and one child under the age of 10) and the Bhaya Legend 1 “royal treatment.” If you’re looking for the best experience for your family, friends or small travel group, this is the cruise for you. Our hospitality, service and affability are second to none!


400 USD / per person

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